News bulletin: Soay ewenion calls off labor strike, 2012 lambing begins

After a prolonged work stoppage, the ewes at Saltmarsh Ranch agreed to assume their assigned tasks (lambing and nursing) on Day 166 after breeding began.  Sources indicate the onset of lambing ends several weeks of tense negotiations and picketing.  For its part, management  have withdrawn their threat to withhold compensation (a.k.a. hay) and have turned their attention to issues of employee identification, infant health care, and individualized data collection.  The surrounding community of canines, felines and camelids is said to have heaved a collective sigh of relief, since for the last 18 days Saltmarsh Ranch management had become increasingly irritable and — although it pains this reporter to reveal it  — even surly from time to time because of the delay. Readers may rest assured there will be followup articles as this developing story unfolds.  To quote Saltmarsh management, “we are hopeful that with the onset of lambing, any baaad feelings on the part of our Soay sheep employees will be replaced by a renewed commitment to the common enterprise.”

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