It’s time for Soay lambs, but don’t forget the ewes

As we were waiting around this week for our ewes to swing into action, it occurred to us that it really is not fair for the lambs to get all the attention. They do the all the work, after all. So we decided to put together an introduction to lambing that features some of our pregnant ewes on the home page of our website.

A word about Coda: it is ironic that she lambed first. We chose her name because she was born on July 31st, long after the regular “symphony” of everyone’s lambs had ended that year, and now she is providing the “introduction” to our lambing season.

We hope you will enjoy looking at our lovely pregnant ewes and of course our fetching little twin ewe lambs, courtesy of Saltmarsh Coda. I’ll be back soon with more tales of the 2013 edition of Babes in Soayland.

For now …