Little black Soay sheep on display in the play yard

I just can’t resist sharing a photo I was lucky to get a few days ago. Most of our lambs are now in a sunny high dry area of our farm with their moms, and are moving off to pasture grass a weeks’ worth of lambs and mothers at a time.

How the lambs love to eat, and then play, and then nap, and then repeat the set endlessly all day. Just as I walked into the sunny play yard, our three black British Soay lambs decided to take a nap together, with one of the rams’ twin sister (a pretty little greyish-brown ewe) nudging at her brother (presumably, I can’t read their tag numbers on the photo) to wake up and play with her. I laughed out loud at the middle ram lifting his tail as though to say, “see, I really am totally black!”

Hope your May days are as gloriously sunny and entertaining as ours are right now.

Soay lambs at play and at rest

Soay lambs at play and at rest

That’s all for now …

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