150523-95-025With the number “70” getting perilously close for Priscilla, we have concluded we can no longer maintain a flock of the size we are accustomed to and that we love. We realize we need to cut back our flock of 140 heritage British Soay sheep, perhaps by as much as half, and we hope you will help us out.

We have reduced the price of our RBST-registered purebred sheep by half – to $250 per ewe and $175 per ram — until we reach the “right” size flock.

Much as we hate having to make this move, we also look forward to working with new breeders who are considering a small or medium-sized starter flock, existing breeders wanting to expand their flocks, or people looking for a few ewes only, or rams only, to keep their small pastures or large yards mowed without using gas or electric power mowers.

As always, we will help buyers locate transportation if they live too far to pick up their sheep on our farm in southern Oregon. We have adult, yearling and lamb rams ready to breed, adult ewes who already have proven they are good lambers, yearling ewes ready to breed for the first time, and irresistible ewe lambs you can raise for a year and then start breeding.

One thing has not changed at all: we still can offer the most genetically diverse starter flocks of British Soay sheep in North America and our greatest joy is helping new breeders get started with this marvelous heritage breed.

We look forward to working with you to find the right mix of Soay sheep for your property and your needs. Half price for you, half flock for us, almost a win-win situation!

Steve & Priscilla Weaver
Saltmarsh Ranch Soay Sheep