Ram management briefly revisited: Scrum 2015 is history

Post-scrum tranquility in the ram pen

Post-scrum tranquility in the ram pen

No sooner had we managed to jam all seven of our adult rams into the five-foot square Shaul panel enclosure intended to allow Sidley and Upton (our two breeders this fall) to safely rejoin their brethren than it was time to spring the rams from isolation and let them fend for themselves. The Soay scrum, like the rugby scrum, is a fleeting moment in the game.

Yesterday I captured the rams basking in the early morning New Year’s Day sun. It wasn’t until I uploaded the pictures that I was struck by the total lack of aggression just a couple of days after the scrum. That’s what we love about raising heritage sheep — it really is pretty easy and very seldom stressful.

Happy new year!

For now …