Fun with naming Soay twins

Before Soay lambing starts in earnest around the country, I thought you might get a kick out of some of the naming pairs our ordinarily serious and conservation-minded colleagues have chosen for their twins. It’s all well and good to use place names, flower names, national park names, girl scientist names, and similarly earnest themes. But apparently we as a group cannot resist frivolity when it comes to twins.

Most of these seem obvious to me, but a couple of them have me stumped. Can you identify the who or why of all of them?

Rhythm & Blues
Janis & Joplin
Lena & Horne
Donnie & Marie
Lucky Larue & Luka Bloom
Darrowby & Thirsk
Mor & Stac
Eleanor & Hillary
Frick & Frack
Bonnie & Clyde
Gilbert & Sullivan
Stella & Stanley
Flora & Fauna
Sebastian & Viola
Bernie & Hillary
Fame & Fortune

Let me know if any of these stump you and I’ll do my best to provide the rationale, or perhaps send you to the breeder who used the names.

For now …