RBST-registered Soay sheep for sale June 2017

Authentic heritage adult Soay sheep available for purchase and delivery now, 2017 lambs available by reservation now with delivery after weaning and acclimation — August or whenever summer heat allows. First the sheep on offer, then the logistics:


We have one 2015 ram and three 2016 rams ready to breed for you:

2015 ram Marlow carries the gene for white spotting. His long curved horns clear nicely**

2016 white-spotted Gorley has asymmetrical horns**

2016 light phase Colden can add tan to your flock — SOLD

2016 light phase ram Alton has typical “tan” coloring


Four of our 2015 ewes are available as part of starter flocks or individually. Each of these ewes lambed for the first time this spring and all of them produced healthy lambs for us and should produce well for you, also.

Ascott has particularly elegant horns. She gave us twins, one brown and one black, this spring

Farnham surprised us with a beautiful pitch black ewe lamb this spring**

Pollicott has long sideswept horns. Her handsome ram lamb Rothwell also is for sale

Willen’s twin lambs are both classic mouflon Soay


We have two ewe lambs left for sale. If you purchase a starter flock of two yearlings and our two ewe lambs, you can breed the yearlings this fall and then add the 2017 ewes to your breeding group a year from now.

Beamin is impossibly adorable. Her sire (Emmett) is one of our original AI sheep, so Beamin’s granddad lived in the U.K.

Ashby is equally fetching. We kept her mother because she is so handsome


Well, it surely was a big year for ram lambs here at Saltmarsh Ranch; almost 2/3 of our lambs were boys. That means we have both black and brown ram lambs on offer. Take your pick!

2017 black ram Grantham and brown ram Howell**

2017 ram Yarburgh has excellent wide horns (shown with his twin sister Ashby)

Rothwell’s horns are medium stout

2017 black ram Epworth has a bright white spot on his belly and another on his back end


Okay, so how does this all work? We can put together several different combinations of ewes and rams to create nicely diverse starter flocks that can include black sheep, brown sheep, white-spotted sheep, and/or tan sheep. Your starter flock can be exclusively 2015 adult ewes who have already proven themselves as lambers or it can include our two ewe lambs so that you can both start breeding this fall and have the fun of watching the ewe lambs grow for their first year.

You can start with just one ram, but we strongly suggest you buy two from the get-go and here are some reasons to take our suggestion. Unless you live really close to us, it will be cheaper for you to transport (yourself or through a professional) two rams now rather than having to start looking for a new ram in two years. Also, it is a really bad idea to have one ram living alone. He will be crabby and will look for ways to express his displeasure. Finally, if you buy two rams up front you will have at least four years of breeding (2 for each ram, we’ll make a simple chart for you showing how this works) before you need to bring in a new ram for diversity.


Much as we would love to sell all our sheep in groups, we also will be pleased to sell you individual sheep to fill out your existing flocks.


You can find a lot more detail on the “for sale” part of our website (www.saltmarshranch.com), but in sum, we charge $400 per ewe and $325 per ram. If you buy a starter flock of 4 or more ewes and 2 or more rams, we will give you an additional 10% discount. Delivery is at our farm, which means you own the sheep when they leave here with you or the professional you hire to bring your sheep to you. We will transfer the RBST registrations for your sheep to you at no charge and provide you with records of your animals’ vaccinations and wormings. And we will always be available to you by phone and email for questions as you start (or continue) your Soay adventure.


Call us (541dash899dash1672) or send us an email (weaver-at-saltmarshranch-dot-com) and we’ll do our best to provide you with the authentic heritage sheep you are looking for!

**These photos used by permission of our friend Bill Saltzstein (www.billsaltphoto.com)

For now …