Blackberry Pie — an update just in time for Thanksgiving

No sooner had the post about making pies from the blackberry thickets our Soay sheep have not yet eradicated hit the web than I received an e-mail from my college roommate (class of 1969, in the interests of full disclosure) alerting me to a terrific website created and run by one of our other classmates.  Life intervened, as usual, and it was not until today that I had a good look at the site.  

Newsflash for anyone worried about getting his/her Thanksgiving pies made in a timely and tasty fashion.  Go to and you will find recipes for just about any kind of pie you can think of, including the all-important pumpkin pie.  Jane’s approach to pie-making feels a lot like the approach to Soay-raising we use here at Saltmarsh Ranch — practical, no-nonsense, imaginative, and fun.  I cannot improve on Jane’s own description of her website, so here it is in summary: offers Humorous Pie Stories and Fabulous Recipes is a new web site devoted to the fine art of pie baking. One of its goals is to convince people that making pies really is “easy as pie” and fun too.

Pie Chef Jane Fisher shares her love of pies and baking and offers humorous pie stories as well as tried-and-true recipes that produce delicious pies. “As I started thinking about a web site,” says Fisher, “I realized that every pie I bake comes with a story. My husband encouraged me to write them down, along with their recipes, and voila!

If I behave myself and promise never to write another post based on a 60s rock tune, perhaps some day Jane will honor me by including my blackberry pie recipe on her website.  Until then, I will go about the daily sheep chores with fond memories of college days with Jane and my roommate Barbara at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.  An outstanding liberal arts college and conservatory, by the way, even though it does not have an Ovine Studies major … yet.

 Happy Thanksgiving!