EweTube: Working newborn Soay lambs

Soay lambs benefit from a little human intervention shortly after they arrive on the scene and have had their first, critical meal of colostrum. At a minimum, sterilizing the remains of their umbilical cord and checking their temperature to be sure they have been nursing well goes a long way towards ensuring a healthy and vigorous young Soay sheep.

From time to time, we hear it said that working newborn lambs is a whole lot of fuss and bother and not worth the effort. For us, it is just the opposite — one of the sweetest, most relaxing, and confidence-building times with our sheep.

A couple of days ago I took my trusty new pocket video camera with me while Steve worked one of our brand-new lambs, a little ewe we haven’t even named yet. I hope you will enjoy this tranquil scene of a contented shepherd, contented ewe, and mostly-contented lamb all together in their jug.

For now …