One more word about Emmett …

I just realized Emmett — our ram who illustrates the physical changes in rut so well — will be cycling off the front page the next time I put up something about lambing. Before he disappears into the annals of blog history, I wanted to share one more photo of him … well, not really him, but sort of.

Amy and Shawn gave us a delightful and different kind of Christmas present this year, a handmade Soay sheep cuddle toy about five inches long and about 4 inches high. When we opened it, I exclaimed, “he looks just like Emmett.” Well guess what? Amy’s friend who makes these amazing likenesses worked from a picture of Emmett and, of course, real Soay fleece. There’s no mistaking his distinctive black mane and black beard, the white eye markings, and the shape of his horns. Looking a little farther back, it’s clear the artist made the manque of Emmett thoroughly realistic, if you get my drift.

I’m pretty sure Emmett is the first heritage sheep Shannon has created; her main product is dogs of all sorts. She has a fun website with contact information if you are interested.

Meanwhile, one more look at Emmett and then on to lambing!

Emmett in miniature

Emmett in miniature

For now …