Sheet music now available for “The Lost Songs of St. Kilda” and more

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Memories of St. Kilda

Good news for fans of the music on this wonderful CD based on traditional melodies from the ancestral homeland of Soay sheep. I have transcribed Trevor Morrison’s arrangements as well as a newly discovered ninth song. Here’s how you can purchase the sheet music, Memories of St. Kilda, and play the evocative melodies yourself:

If you live in the UK, go to this website to place your order.

For customers in the US, I charge $12.50 to cover printing, postage within the US, and related production costs. You may pay by check made payable and mailed to Priscilla Weaver, PO Box 900, Jacksonville OR 97530.

Or you may pay by PayPal. Please use, not my personal email address. If PayPal adds the $.85 fee, you will need to make the payment for $13.35 so that I net $12.50.

Whichever way you choose to pay, please let me know at my personal email address (priscilla at saltmarshranch dot com) so I can watch for your payment. And of course I will need your shipping address.

For customers in other non-UK countries, please contact me by email before you send me a check or PayPal and I will figure out how much overseas postage needs to be added to your payment.

If you haven’t already heard these lovely musical memories of life on Hirta, I urge you to buy a copy of The Lost Songs of St. Kilda CD or access the recording via iTunes or Spotify or other online music source. The eight traditional tunes arranged and recorded by Scottish nursing home resident Trevor Morrison are said to have originated as work songs and perhaps children’s songs on the remote archipelago of St. Kilda off the coast of Scotland, islands whose human and ovine inhabitants lived for millennia in nearly total isolation from the mainland. Listeners also marvel at the bonus tracks, re-imaginings of several of the songs commissioned from leading composers for orchestra, string ensembles, and voice.

The serendipity of lost melodies coming back to life on the CD and now on the printed page is a heartwarming and fun tale quite apart from the haunting beauty of the music itself. If you are curious how all of this transpired on two continents and remote islands, go to the brand-new website, Melodies of St. Kilda.

Main Street on Hirta, photo by Stuart MacKenzie

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